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photoblog image Berrington Hall one of several

Berrington Hall one of several

A multifunctional water closet by the look of it. 


Berrington Hall one of several

A multifunctional water closet by the look of it. 


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  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 15 Aug 2014, 00:50
Lots O good plumbing hardware here, Bill.
Bill Phillips: A cornucopia Ray
nice b/w, Bill. i like the pipes accommodating each other.
Bill Phillips: Clearly well planned Ayush
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 15 Aug 2014, 04:47
This made me smile.
When you have 'to go' you have to make sure you don't wait until the last moment or you 'won't make it'.... tongue
Bill Phillips: Those taps could do you a nasty mischief if you leaned back LAdy P grin
i hope that they don't cook on that thing too Bill....petersmile
Bill Phillips: The world' first steam toilet?
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 15 Aug 2014, 05:59
Haha- yes, this made me smile and is typically English!
Bill Phillips: The old High level cistern takes me back Philine!
Oh, dear me. Don't ask; don't tell!
Bill Phillips: Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise Ginnie
  • Chris
  • England
  • 15 Aug 2014, 06:29
If I was a plumbing fetishist, which I hasten to add I am not, I might be quite excited by all of this
Bill Phillips: I would rather you didn't share what you can do with a sink plunger
mmm very interesting bill, plumbers paradise.
Bill Phillips: Great scope for an imaginative plumber I would imagine Scotia
  • Richard Trim
  • Suffolk: where the sun rises first in England
  • 15 Aug 2014, 09:11
The old ones are always the best
Bill Phillips: And you should know comrade
  • gutteridge
  • Where latitude and attitude meet
  • 15 Aug 2014, 09:37
How to install a toilet! Very good but, don't try this at home. I always find it cheaper to get a tradesman in to do the job rather than attempt it myself then get the tradesman in to clear up my mess first.
Bill Phillips: I totally agree Ridge. However, I wish I had had the dexterity to be a tradesman as I would have made far more money than as a rotten salesman
Flushed with joy at this one.
Bill Phillips: I should have dedicated this to you as you think all my pictures are C---
Eh eh, I bet plumbers enjoyed doing it Bill!
Bill Phillips: I think they might have been drinking Richard
How odd is that. You might get a surprise tap in the back when sitting on the toilet.
Bill Phillips: Leaning back might be a mistake Mary
  • Penny
  • on my way to bed
  • 15 Aug 2014, 11:02
This shot reminds me of the B + w record photographs I used to take for the National Trust in the early 80's - of all the places in stately homes that the visitors didn't see. Sometimes they were a lot more interesting than the rooms they were allowed in.
Bill Phillips: I like the bits like this Penny.
  • Penny
  • on my way to bed
  • 15 Aug 2014, 11:02
By the way I'm still on my way to bed, just not for quite a few hours.
Bill Phillips: That is way past my bedtime Penny. I regard 10 pm as late
  • Penny
  • on my way to bed
  • 15 Aug 2014, 11:07
I only watched some of the video but noted he kept his hat on the whole time. Not sure if that's a requirement for installing a toilet. If I ever need to do it, Bill, I'll know to come back to your page to check how.
Bill Phillips: Perhaps he is bald
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 15 Aug 2014, 11:35
I don't attempt anything associated with plumbing - the risk of it going wrong is too high..

Smiled at Mick's comment.
Bill Phillips: Nor do I. Guaranteed to end up being very expensive

I often smile at Mick's comments......
Is this really a toilet, Bill? It looks as if it would be very uncomfortable to sit on.
Bill Phillips: Amongst other things it seems Beverly
  • Alan
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 15 Aug 2014, 12:27
No doubt Chad would be in heaven with all this pipage. Presumably with hot and cold water, it would also double up as the kitchen sink?
Bill Phillips: I reckon they make the soup here for the gentry......
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 15 Aug 2014, 14:26
Lots of gutteridge. Sir Doveton would think this merits high praise.

Hospitals mustn't neglect sluice room design. A well planned facility for disposing human waste and disinfecting equipment is key to reducing the spread of contagious diseases. A sluice room is where we wash bedpans and empty them, sick bowls are kept in there as well as wee bottles or containers.

Seems to fit the description. I wonder if the place doubled up as a hospital at some time.
Bill Phillips: Not to my knowledge Louis but I think you are probably right that it is some sort of sluice room
Room for one sitting and three standing, all at the same time, it seems.
Bill Phillips: You paint an unappealing picture Brian
  • Anne
  • United Kingdom
  • 15 Aug 2014, 19:23
Interesting pipe work.
Bill Phillips: and plenty of it!
Very strange...
Bill Phillips: It is indeed Lary
Built for someone with clogged urinal syndrome!
Bill Phillips: Sounds Painful
Plumbing is easy , I fitted our bathroom ,toilet and sink ,and the washer.Plus I did all the tilling as well.And I can cook and take better pictures than you.
Bill Phillips: Mr bloddy perfect
Ps , your pictures are C-ap as you stated.
Bill Phillips: Well you should know as the master of c-rap production
Not sure this is all mod cons smile

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