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  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 14 Dec 2015, 03:12
A fine place to work on a Winter day, Bill.
Bill Phillips: Must be awful in the summer.
Isn't this great! I like laundry. I like the smell and the dampness. And I like what Robert Fulghum had to say about it: "Water, earth, fire - polarities of wet and dry, hot and cold, dirty and clean. The great cycles - round and round - beginning and end - Alpha and Omega, amen... I use Cheer detergent. I like the idea of a happy wash... Amazing stuff, detergent... If only the scientific experts could come up with something to get the dirt out of our minds - one cup of fixit frizzle that will left the dirt from our lives, soften our hardness, protect our inner parts, improve our processing, reduce our yellowing and wrinkling, improve our natural color, and make us sweet and good. Don't try Cheer, by the way. I tasted it. It's awful. (But my tongue is clean, now.)"
Bill Phillips: Hahaha I love the quote Elizabeth.
A very nicely preserved old place Bill! Fine capture.
Bill Phillips: Thanks Richard. It has been beautifully restored
LOL at Elizabeth's quote. I must say that we've come a long way, Baby, from those laundry days. Thankfully!
Bill Phillips: Brilliant quote isn't it? I wouldn't fancy spending all my days working in here
  • Lisl
  • England
  • 14 Dec 2015, 06:25
What hard work it must ave been ironing with a flat iron, or a "flat" as it used to be called in Norfolk
Bill Phillips: They are heavy and don't exactly glide over the washing I imagine
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 14 Dec 2015, 07:08
So much to see and I love those 'stocking dryers' to keep the socks in-shape. I think it was a great ordeal to iron, back in those days. Wonderful overview.
Bill Phillips: It must have been. Those flat irons are very heavy and don't stay hot for long
  • Chris
  • England
  • 14 Dec 2015, 07:31
This is wonderful, redolent of former times when large houses had an army of staff to care for the need of persons such as Lord Trim, or indeed myself
Bill Phillips: Get real....we would all have been under footmen
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 14 Dec 2015, 07:57
Oh, I like the smell of freshness. But what a difference to our modern times!
Bill Phillips: Totally different Philine. Laundry is still a chore but not as labour intensive as this!
I remember this song from school Bill, very appropriate for your photosnap.
Bill Phillips: I sometimes actually look for an appropriate musical accompaniment to my pictures and sometimes I just bung any old song that takes my fancy
I showed my laundry dilemma last Monday. This is worse, the old flat irons.
Bill Phillips: You did indeed. Those flat irons must have been very hard work
  • Alan
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 14 Dec 2015, 12:39
Its always interesting to see what goes on "below stairs" in your home. I hada cordless irron once; completely usueless as it took so long to warm up between strokes.
Bill Phillips: I dislike ironing, although I can do it. Luckily Ange doesn't seem to mind doing it so I don't try and muscle in
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 14 Dec 2015, 13:35
Monday is washing day in Netherlands.
Bill Phillips: It is here too traditionally Philine
  • Anne
  • United Kingdom
  • 14 Dec 2015, 14:35
"Dashing away with the smoothing iron" came immediately to mind, and then I scrolled down and saw you had beaten me to it Bill smile

Great picture
Bill Phillips: Hahaha I wasn't sure if I would find it on YouTube!
This is well set up isn't it. The throughput in these paces must have been enormous, and I bet the workers were paid s*d all!
Bill Phillips: It looks very efficient. They got fed and housed and might have had 1 day off a week or perhaps a month
  • Bonnie
  • United States
  • 14 Dec 2015, 14:54
Terrific wide angle...big story here.
Bill Phillips: How things were done in the old great houses in the UK
I still have my mum's old iron smile

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