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photoblog image How to take a good snap

How to take a good snap

How to take a good snap

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Cute Bill!
Bill Phillips: Yes...but enough about me, what do you think of the picture ?
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 11 May 2015, 05:00
He is masterful, Bill!

Look at the way he is using a discarded set of raybans to provide counter-balance to offset camera-shake caused by last evening's over-indulgence in the local dark ales.
Bill Phillips: It is the nearest Chad comes to multi-tasking Ray
you took three great snaps of this snappy fellow Bill...
i would have asked him to back up ha ha!smile
Bill Phillips: We were surprised he had actually remembered to bring a camera Peter
Great sequence Bill!
Bill Phillips: A master at work Richard......
That's the way to do it.
Bill Phillips: You sound like Mr Punch
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 11 May 2015, 06:36
I like how he is holding his specs!
Bill Phillips: Lends an air of casual professionalism Philine...
  • Richard T
  • Suffolk: where the sun rises first in England
  • 11 May 2015, 07:22
You make him look almost sane ... It's interesting that we both posted the ''''grate '''' man almost at the same moment in time
Bill Phillips: Well confused maybe comrade. Sane is pushing it
  • Chris
  • England
  • 11 May 2015, 07:26
Totally baffled isn't he..
Bill Phillips: Bewildered ......
I think you probably did him proud, Bill! smile
Bill Phillips: Oh I hope not Ginnie....that would never do
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 11 May 2015, 09:06
Yes, the trouble with cameras getting smaller combined with failing eyesight. You have to admire the technique for holding sunglasses.
Bill Phillips: The sunglasses holding is done with panache
It is a difficult to take a photograph without a viewfinder. Had you tried to take three shots of me doing the same, I would have thrown the camera by the third snap.
Bill Phillips: The camera I used and the one Chad is using are Panasonic and have an electronic viewfinder as well as the screen.
  • Anne
  • United Kingdom
  • 11 May 2015, 12:15
Excellent, do the glasses come attached to the camera?
  • Pauline
  • United Kingdom
  • 11 May 2015, 12:28
Great shots, Bill. I agree with Mary, the camera would have been in the sea by that time.
Bill Phillips: Clearly the old poem is not true

Patience is a virtue
possess it if you can
seldom in a woman
never in a man
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 11 May 2015, 12:42
A lot of glassware to handle. Poor chap.
Bill Phillips: It is a miracle he ever takes any pictures at all Louis
I like this, perhaps it's because of that great little camera he's got there, just like my new one smile
Bill Phillips: It is indeed Brian. I hope you are enjoying yours. I am enjoying my (very similar) one
I was actually taking a panorama shot of the people I was stuck with for three days. I was setting up to down panorama, hence the tricky observations of the camera.
Bill Phillips: Yeah I believe you.
Ah, now I see where I'm going wrong, excellent tutorial, Bill...
Bill Phillips: We can all learn a lot from this man. Sadly little of it of any use in photography
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 11 May 2015, 17:03
Lesson one, get some glasses other than your sunglasses....take a picture of the ground 4 feet away from you, hopefully that is in focus.... Now try something more difficult, 10 feet away......and check the result..tomorrow we do lesson two....
Bill Phillips: Noooooo please spare us lesson two!
  • Alan
  • United Kingdom
  • 11 May 2015, 18:16
Ahh.. that's where I'm going wrong; I don't have sunglasses in my my left hand. I think he needs to stand further back... back a bit more... back still further...
Bill Phillips: You can see why he has never found Greenland

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