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photoblog image St Richard's Day

St Richard's Day

Yesterday we had the St Richard's day event in Droitwich. Lots of classic cars and events in vines Park. An Italian market and a Farmer's market too. And we had our monthly book sale. Only this time we were in the old carpet shop and took ALL our books! We made £655!! The ladies did cakes and preserves and made £113.00 and we made £21 for Acorns from the Children's books. So nearly £800 in total. Needles to say we were delighted

St Richard's Day

Yesterday we had the St Richard's day event in Droitwich. Lots of classic cars and events in vines Park. An Italian market and a Farmer's market too. And we had our monthly book sale. Only this time we were in the old carpet shop and took ALL our books! We made £655!! The ladies did cakes and preserves and made £113.00 and we made £21 for Acorns from the Children's books. So nearly £800 in total. Needles to say we were delighted

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Patron saint of balloons? Well done.
Bill Phillips: LOL! He ended up as Bishop of Chichester!
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 6 May 2012, 01:21
Cor blimey, Bill....800 bucks!
You and me could have a right night out on that lot, heh!
Bill Phillips: Couple of Sherbets and a takeaway!
It is great to see you so involved in good charity work Bill... i am surprised that this fellow with the helium balloons id still on the ground... great shot....petersmile
Bill Phillips: It's a good job it wasn't windy!
I love this huge bunch of balloons! Congratulations on your sales!!
Bill Phillips: Thanks, we were very pleased!
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 6 May 2012, 07:10
Oh, my congratulation to this big success - and you and your family did much, too!
I never heard about St. Richard, I have to google about him, I know only secular Richards. A funny picture!
Bill Phillips: Saint Richard of Chichester (*1197 +1253)

The third of April is the feast of Saint Richard. The day is celebrated in the Anglican Communion, but is not recognized in the universal Roman Calendar although the good bishop appears in the Roman Martyrology. The Translation of St. Richard is celebrated at Chichester Cathedral on 16 June as his principal commemoration because the feast of St. Richard invariably falls in Lent or Eastertide. 2003 was the 750th anniversary of his death.

Saint Richard is such an appealing patron, subsequent Richards or friends of a Richard might be interested in a little information about him.

Compiled by Richard Oliver OSB

+ * + * + * +

[Gardiner, 'St. Richard,' drawingRichard, Bishop of Chichester (1245-1253), who became Saint Richard, was a man of strong character, a scholar, but sensible and practical as well, energetic, kind, modest about his own powers, cheerful and courageous. He loved people and was greatly beloved by them.
Family First: Interruption of Studies

When Richard Backedine, his brother and sister were still children their parents died, leaving them in the care of guardians who mismanaged the property and squandered the income. Richard left his studies with the Benedictines at Worcester and came home to help restore the family fortunes.

Gradually things got better, the farm was saved and returned to prosperity. Because his brother recognized that Richard was the more capable of the two, the elder boy offered to make over to him the inheritance, but neither this, nor the chance of marrying a rich and charming lady, could keep Richard from his books. Turning his back on the land at last he set off for Oxford to resume his neglected studies.
Back to School

When Richard arrived, about 1214, the colleges were still some years away. Clerics studied theology at the first one, University College, in 1249. Richard probably enrolled with a Master, who rented his own Hall in Oxford for lectures and let out accommodation. Richard was poor and often cold and hungry. He shared one warm tunic and hooded gown with two friends, ran about to get warm in winter, and often ate only bread and thin vegetable soup. Despite the hardships of life, though, he said later that never in his life had he been so happy or felt such joy and peace of soul as during those years as a student at Oxford.
Study Abroad

[OP arms; link to UK OPs] He continued his studies at Paris and Bologna. When his mentor and friend, Edmund of Abingdon became Archbishop of Canterbury in 1233, Richard was made his Chancellor. After Edmund died in 1240, Richard determined to become a priest. He studied theology with the Dominicans at Orléans. After two years he was ordained by the Bishop and returned to England as a parish priest in Kent.
Elected Bishop [Chichester Cathedral]

In 1244 the Bishop of Chichester died; the canons elected Richard as their bishop. When King Henry III heard of Richard's election he was furious, and refused to give up the property and revenues of the See. Richard traveled to Lyons, where, the next year, with other Bishops, he was consecrated by Pope Innocent IV, who supported his claim. For several years, however, "like a stranger in a strange land," Richard became a wanderer in his own diocese. He was entirely dependent on the charity and hospitality of the people and clergy, who defied the King.
Justice at Last

At last, in 1247, the King relented and, amid the rejoicing of the people, [Chichester Cahtedral Organ] Richard came to his cathedral at Chichester. Richard's personal life was very simple, but he considered it his duty to keep the state proper to a bishop, and particularly to offer hospitality to rich and poor. Sometimes he was imposed upon, but the people loved him, not only for his almsgiving, but for his caring, preaching and the sweetness of his character. Richard was an able administrator as well as a holy man, and expected high standards from the clergy, although he defended their rights.

Death of Richard

Richard was bishop for only eight years. With friends, Simon of Tarring; William, his chaplain; and Friar Ralph Bocking, by the bedside, and surrounded by a crowd of priests, religious and laity, Richard de la Wyche, Bishop of Chichester, died at midnight on 3 April 1253. He was about fifty-six. "His venerable body was buried in a humble place in that same church, near the altar of the Blessed Edmund the Confessor which he himself had built on the northern side of the cathedral, where great and wonderful miracles were performed" (Ralph Bocking).
Richard's Stories

Miracles were reported of Saint Richard even in his lifetime, or miraculous interpretations were given to events. He is often shown with a chalice at his feet. Legend says that once when he was celebrating Mass he dropped the chalice, but no wine was spilt.

[arms]A student at Oxford had a pet blackbird, which was a fine singer and gave its master much joy. He refused to give it to a companion who coveted it. In rage he cut out the bird's tongue when the owner was absent. Returning, the young man found the poor bird drooping and songless. Sorrowing for his pet he prayed to Saint Richard, who had so enjoyed the singing of birds and had been Chancellor of the University. Immediately the bird perked up and began to sing. (Listen to .wav audio.)
Patron and Friend

Richard continued to be honored at his birthplace of Droitwich. On his Festival (the third of April) the local people decked the brine pit, known as Saint Richard's Well, with flowers and branches. This was continued even after it was forbidden by the Puritans. Further away, Richard was adopted as patron saint of the Guild of Coachmen of Milan "presumably because he drove carts on his family farm" (Farmer).
  • Alan
  • United Kingdom
  • 6 May 2012, 07:11
Not heard of St Richards - was he big in Droitwich? The sales sound grea; I'm sure had I been there the cake stall would have made more £113 smile

Can I have the penguin balloon, please?
Bill Phillips: If you want to know more about St Richard see my reply to Philine.

Yes if you are good
  • Anyes
  • canada
  • 6 May 2012, 07:29
That is some great work you are doing! Congratulations for this achievement smile
Bill Phillips: Thanks very much Anyes. We were delighted with the result
Jolly good show old bean, you can have a well deserved rest today. You will neeed all your strenght for tomorrow.
Bill Phillips: I am looking forward to seeing you again Mr shaw
You did have a good day! we were on Stone Farmers Market selling Plants and our Special China Mugs also giving out loads of my pots of Sunflower and Wildflower seedlings to the kids.
Bill Phillips: Great fun getting involved with things like that isn't it?
Balloons ain't what they used to be! Congrats on the great sale - good to know that people are still buying books. I was in Waterstone's yesterday and the place was practically empty - I've a feeling they aren't going to survive.
Bill Phillips: In the long term I guess the kindle and Amazon will see an almost total demise of the specialist High Street book shop.
I would have bought the penguin for my granddaughter. Good job, Lions.
Bill Phillips: I was tempted to buy it for myself grin
Well done to one and all. My son and his girlfriend are back here now so they missed it. If you remember he was in Droitwich over the winter
Bill Phillips: I do indeed. I hope they enjoyed their time here
I bet you were delighted Bill!
Very nice capture.
Bill Phillips: We were indeed. We have another one on June 2nd which is the day of the Queen's diamond jubilee and we are hoping for a similar success!!
You had a very good day yesterday then Bill, well done, even if it was no doubt hard work.
Bill Phillips: It was a very good day and quite tiring! Still it was fun and worth it
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 6 May 2012, 21:46
Amazing result with the books and a grand total overall - must have been very satisfying Bill.
Don't forget flying balloon lessons...
  • Ulkaustfs
  • Australia
  • 8 Aug 2012, 16:48
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