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photoblog image Lights! Camera! Action!

Lights! Camera! Action!

They were filming a new BBC costume drama ( Oh Lor not ANOTHER one) which will be on our screens in 2015

Lights! Camera! Action!

They were filming a new BBC costume drama ( Oh Lor not ANOTHER one) which will be on our screens in 2015

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  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 6 Jun 2014, 00:49
England is pretty much a giant theme park, Bill, so you must expect a bit of this sort of thing...
Bill Phillips: You can't go 5 yards here without tripping over someone reliving the past
We Americans admire British TV. When I visited in 79, I learned that British TV could be as crappy as ours. Y'all just send us your best
Bill Phillips: We can do rubbish! You send us your best stuff too....most of that is also rubbish...but I still love Frasier!
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 6 Jun 2014, 04:52
Brits are famous for their costume drama and I think they picked a nice location....
Ray and Larry make a point.
Bill Phillips: We are indeed. I find them tedious in the extreme grin
It seems a good spot to do it!
Bill Phillips: Cheaper than building a set!
The thing is, Bill, you start with the architecture and everything else can follow. You're lucky in that regard!!!
Bill Phillips: This is the Black country Museum and is one of many places used for period drams.
  • Chris
  • England
  • 6 Jun 2014, 06:42
I saw a trailer on TV not so long ago for a costume thing set here, it must go on all the time
Bill Phillips: It does Chris. I gave up on costume dramas a while ago
  • Lisl
  • England
  • 6 Jun 2014, 06:45
And where is this, Bill?
Bill Phillips: The Black country museum Lisl. It is used quite a lot for filming
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 6 Jun 2014, 06:48
Our city is often the scenery for films, crimi- films - an interesting scene - and your treatment looks a bit Chris-like today - or Chris' photo looks a bit Bill-like! I like this typically English street with the inn and the brickstone houses - lovely Droitwich?
Bill Phillips: This is the Black country museum in Dudley. It is used quite a lot for films and Television programs
une belle scène d'une scène de ciné
Bill Phillips: Merci. Il était intéressant de les voir travailler
  • gutteridge
  • Where latitude and attitude meet
  • 6 Jun 2014, 07:58
Is it called 'When will that flippin' boat come in'?
Bill Phillips: Dance to your daddy my little laddie......
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 6 Jun 2014, 08:18
Twiddle : The Movie

SFX Bill Phillips

See the world as it has never been seen before...

Sorry Bill - I couldn't resist.
Bill Phillips: Hahaha well it couldn't be any worse than most of the dross in cinemas and on television
An insight to TV Land..........nice shot and treatment, Bill smile
Bill Phillips: It is interesting how little seems to go on for quite long periods
Modern life to too grim to portray on the screen, so we seek solace in the past!
Bill Phillips: Not much of an option when you think what life was like then for most people
I can see that this street would be handy for period pieces. I wonder if homeowners are compensated.
Bill Phillips: It is at the Black country Museum so no one actually lives in any of the buildings
I thought it was Corrie at first! Where are they meant to be?
Bill Phillips: I don't know. The clothes look 1940s to me so it is probably supposed to be up North somewhere
A good set at least, and the process is interesting, I must visit this place smile
Bill Phillips: The black country Museum is well worth a visit John
Did you recognize any of the actors, Bill?
Bill Phillips: They were only doing extras type scenes Beverly so no famous people...mind you I probably wouldn't have recognised them!
These places make a lot of much needed money from this sort of thing. The Great Central Railway has been used twice recently for filming, the one for Casualty comes up at the end of the month I believe with a train crash.
Bill Phillips: It is a nice little earner. Mind you so is being an extra. We were talking to one of the museum volunteers who had done some extra work on a film and got well paid and very well fed and watered!
What a great name for a pub, Bill. Do you know what the drama will be called?
Bill Phillips: Someone did say, even though it was supposed to be a secret....but I can't remember
Pain in the bottom when they are around Bill. Close the roads, canny get near the shops ;( happens every year in Falkland these days sad((( you captured the pain nicely.
Bill Phillips: Mind you this is at the Black country Museum Scotia so no real problems like that
  • Shane
  • England
  • 6 Jun 2014, 15:39
As soon as i seen it...before reading the words....i thought film set ...great shot bill
Bill Phillips: It was interesting to watch and I will have to try and watch the program when it comes out next year to see how they make it look
wow nice of you to be there just in time Bill! nice capture!
Bill Phillips: It was an unexpected bonus Ronky!
  • Anne
  • United Kingdom
  • 6 Jun 2014, 17:43
It looks a good spot to be filming in
Bill Phillips: The black country Museum has been used a lot for filming Anne
Nice to see that they use an existing decor Bill! Very nice image.
  • Alan
  • Thurso, Caithness
  • 6 Jun 2014, 19:33
Will it be called "The Three Stooges" and will you all have starring roles? I assume that you could all just wear your normal clothes?

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