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Well back to the walk. This otherwise pointless picture is simply to show both the roughness and steepness of the terrain I was forced to tackle. 


Well back to the walk. This otherwise pointless picture is simply to show both the roughness and steepness of the terrain I was forced to tackle. 

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  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 5 May 2014, 02:29
Looks like "Three Blind Mice", heh...
Bill Phillips: Well it ain't the three wise monkeys that's for sure
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 5 May 2014, 04:37
I feel for you.....
But look from the positive side. What goes up needs to come down too and I bet you were the first one down....
I hope you did bring your climbing irons wink
Bill Phillips: That was in my mid all the way up Lady P. Coming down!
Heading out into the jungle!
Bill Phillips: The Somerset Rain Forest E
Next time they take you off the beaten path, Bill, make them carry your gear!
Bill Phillips: I'll make then carry me Ginnie!
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 5 May 2014, 06:27
Yes, very steep- brave Bill!- even the trees are matching the steepness -I wonder that the three stooges show full erection apart from Chad without any inclination.
Bill Phillips: They must have found a flat bit Philine
  • Chris
  • Bathampton
  • 5 May 2014, 06:57
Oh dear - it's: -

a) bad picture day

b) feel sorry for those in need of a diet day
Bill Phillips: a) correct

b) correct
  • Alan
  • United Kingdom
  • 5 May 2014, 07:24
Yes, there aren't too many public toilets when you get out in to the wilds, are there? Looks a bit like the Amazonian jungle (not that I've ever been...)
Bill Phillips: No shops, no pubs, no hospitals....mon dieu
I will look after you Bill ,don't worry.
Bill Phillips: That is so reassuring Mick.......not
  • gutteridge
  • where latitude and attitude meet
  • 5 May 2014, 08:15
We were hiding from you Bill, but clearly not well enough.
Bill Phillips: You haven't got a clue any of you
Oh the 'ups and downs of life'
Bill Phillips: Down is easy
Looks like a jungle shot, with those ferns.............and they are looking down on you!
Bill Phillips: Story of my life Martin
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 5 May 2014, 09:50
Are they scoffing Bill? Some people show no consideration!
Bill Phillips: They were adopting a superior air Mike
My first thought was the same as Alan's.
Bill Phillips: The wilds of darkest Somersetshire rainforest Pauline
I think the problem might be that - you were not on the trail.
Bill Phillips: I was it doubles back at 180 degrees a bit to the left and then heads skywards
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 5 May 2014, 10:39
Now, now, Bill - are you complaining?
Bill Phillips: I never complain Louis. I might whinge now and then but nothing so mild as merely complain!
If they had ducked down behind those enormous ferns, Bill, you wouldn't have been able to see them at all.
Bill Phillips: That would have been an improvement Beverly
I know this is just circumstantial, Bill, in terms of the quality progression of the snaps...
Bill Phillips: Which way is the quality progressing though JC grin
I can seeeee you! fun times
Bill Phillips: We had a great time Ronky
Rather nice bit of woodland, I see it comes complete with a population of Gnomes.
Bill Phillips: all factory seconds by the look of them too
  • Anne
  • United Kingdom
  • 5 May 2014, 17:56
Well it looks like there were some nice ferns smile better you started with the walk UP followed by the walk DOWN than the other way round
Bill Phillips: Very true Anne
I trust they were kind enough to wait for you Bill!
Bill Phillips: No they carried on regardless
its all character building Bill

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