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photoblog image Snow in Droitwich from last winter

Snow in Droitwich from last winter

Snow in Droitwich from last winter

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  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 3 Jan 2014, 02:42
Can't they afford to rent the snow-maker this Winter, Bill?
Bill Phillips: No, times are hard Ray.
This is a wonderful shot Bill... i hope that you get some snow soon... then you can capture a scene to post for next year grin
Bill Phillips: Well a day or two of the white stuff will do me nicely Peter.
Oh so beautiful!!! I love winter wonderland shots!!
Bill Phillips: I like the idea of Droitwich as a winter wonderland E
  • Lisl
  • England
  • 3 Jan 2014, 05:59
Transformation, Bill - however can people denigrate such a wonderful place?
Bill Phillips: Only the Philistines who I am far to polite to mention would do so Lisl.
  • Chris
  • England
  • 3 Jan 2014, 07:18
And when it melts what happens?

Slush, water - flooding!
Bill Phillips: As you no doubt experience in Bath. Here the snow thaws slowly and in a gentlemanly way so as to cause no flooding whatsoever.
Niiice. Do you miss the snow? You can have some from Canada.
Bill Phillips: Not really. A couple of days of it is enough for me grin
  • Gutteridge
  • Where latitude and aittitude meet
  • 3 Jan 2014, 07:35
A fine Droitwich Friday picture with rain/snow for all to see.
Bill Phillips: This is snow Ridge. Toy can tell because it is white and rain isn't
  • Ginnie
  • Netherlands
  • 3 Jan 2014, 07:36
I was gonna say...if it was THIS year, I'd shoot you for not sending some to us, Bill!!! Let's cross our fingers that it will indeed come this year. Astrid hopes the wind will come from the East/Russia at the next full moon (Jan. 16th).
Bill Phillips: I won't mind it for a day or two, just so I can get some pictures. Then it can thaw grin
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 3 Jan 2014, 07:42
A nice winter scene and I predict there will be snow soon......
See...... it does NOT always rain in Droitwich, you gave proof smile
Bill Phillips: I have given lots of proof. Now Tiffo has Hollandshire in the rain pretending to be Droitwich. Is there no end to the man's treachery ?
  • Richard T
  • Suffolk: where the sun rises first in England
  • 3 Jan 2014, 09:56
Is this what we really want ....
Bill Phillips: Now I don't have to travel much I don't mind so much. It reduces this country to total helplessness though. No doubt if it did snow the Daily Mail would blame the Bulgarians
  • Mary MacADNski
  • Beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • 3 Jan 2014, 12:22
This is so pretty. I would give up some of mine so that you could recreate this for this year.
Bill Phillips: We are just getting lots of rain Mary!
So lovely to look at with the blanket of snow covering everything and heavy flakes still falling, Bill. Lots of footprints, too.
Bill Phillips: It did look nice Beverly....and by our standards this was quite a lot of snow grin
It looks nicer in the snow,
Bill Phillips: Most things do Frank. Mind you snow is also a blooming nuisance as this country grinds to a standstill grin you are gearing up for the next one!
Bill Phillips: Well I am not a big fan of snow except for taking pictures grin
This is rather nice Bill, and the snow gives a good excuse to retire to W.H.Smith to browse the magazines and books.
Bill Phillips: The W H Smith in Droitwich isn't up to much to be honest sad
This is wonderful Bill! Only rain so far this season...
Bill Phillips: Same here Richard. This was last January
  • Alan
  • United Kingdom
  • 3 Jan 2014, 18:17
Oh yes; delightful. I can just picture Sir Tiff coming down the street now, festively attired in a Santa suit going "Ho Ho ho". What's that orange thing to the left of the phone box; looks like a giant frankfurter.
Bill Phillips: I think it is a giant frankfurter
So this year you'll be showing the floods?
Bill Phillips: We are still fairly flood free but there is flooding about and has been very wet!
Superbly seasonal!
Bill Phillips: Well it was last year. all we have had this winter is rain!
Hav,nt been to droitwich in years .....never looked like this.......a great scene
Bill Phillips: It is a fine town...well I have lived her for 37 years

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