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photoblog image Nice view

Nice view

Nice view

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A magnificent view Bill... i will even say a superb B&Wsmile...
as for the The Bankers... "If your one of them... bugger you"!
Bill Phillips: The song is making a point with humour
1. Fine atmospheric photo. 2. Fine political statement!
Bill Phillips: Thanks Larry. The song is great!
  • Frances
  • United States
  • 8 Apr 2013, 00:42
Beautiful black & white landscape Bill! The clouds are brilliant and ominous smile
Bill Phillips: The weather went downhill later!
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 8 Apr 2013, 01:40
Sky wins!
Bill Phillips: Always does for me!
terrific skies.
Bill Phillips: Thanks Ayush. As I recall the day started without a cloud in the sky!
  • vintage
  • Australia
  • 8 Apr 2013, 03:07
Bugger I love those clouds
Bill Phillips: So do I mate
Beautiful landscape Bill!
Bill Phillips: Thank you Elizabeth. This is near Stourhead which is one of the finest National trust properties
  • Lisl
  • England
  • 8 Apr 2013, 06:37
I like the way the sky manages to overpower the landscape, Bill
Bill Phillips: It was a day that started off with wall to wall sunshine and then went downhill, but I got a good sky!
  • Chris
  • England
  • 8 Apr 2013, 06:39
Your picture is a fine and wonderful panoramic twiddle. Is it taken from Clent?
Bill Phillips: No it is from King Alfred's tower near Stourhead
Comrade Billiam, You have made my day.
Bill Phillips: I assume you are referring to the video rather than the picture Comrade Elite
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 8 Apr 2013, 07:01
Oh, from the Clent Hills - a gorgeous view with the dramatic looking clouds! I imagine a 'pleasant and green' hedged typically English landscape!
Bill Phillips: This is from King Alfred's Tower near Stourhead Philine. It is quite a view!
  • Ginnie
  • Netherlands
  • 8 Apr 2013, 07:16
HAHAHAHAHA! Now I'm trying to figure out how the video goes with the image, Bill. grin
Bill Phillips: Not at all Ginnie I just felt like being political!
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 8 Apr 2013, 07:44
Vintage stole my comment, bugger...grin...
Love you view and the song, bugger, that was good.
Bill Phillips: gringringrin It is a great song! Have a good day Lady P
Bugger off to North Korea, then you would have something to moan about.
Bill Phillips: If you moaned in North Korea you would probably end up in a prison camp. At least here we just about have the right to protest. But only just
  • Aussie
  • Australia
  • 8 Apr 2013, 08:21
Lovely view not a pylon in sight
Bill Phillips: Hahaha Indeed and I hope it stays that way Aussie!
Don't send more rain down here Bill, we've had enough...
Bill Phillips: We are due some here tomorrow!
  • Chad
  • Where latitude and attitude meet
  • 8 Apr 2013, 09:19
This is a bit like the view from the top of that cold windy and wet hill that you keep taking us to Bill.
Bill Phillips: But it is actually not
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 8 Apr 2013, 09:20
Nice view indeed - you have been putting that wide angle to good use I see! The dark trees in the foreground make all the difference.
Bill Phillips: I use it all the time Mike.
In b/w the sky is the star. Were it in colour, the patchwork fields would be most interesting.
Bill Phillips: It is all about the sky for me Mary
Terrific cloudscape, Bill - and a song we can all relate to!
Bill Phillips: Sadly I think we can Tom
  • Leone
  • Spain
  • 8 Apr 2013, 10:32
Love the view and great video smile
Bill Phillips: The video is great fun thank you for your kind comments
Cracking view,and clouds,Bill.
Bill Phillips: St Alfred's tower near Stourhead Frank
Oh,and the song, not much wrong with that, Bill.
Bill Phillips: Make the point in a good natured way!
  • Alan
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 8 Apr 2013, 12:30
A fine view across rural England. It will be a travesty when HS2 ruins such countryside.
Bill Phillips: HS2 has financial disaster written all over it.
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 8 Apr 2013, 12:54
Oh, man - what a buggerup. That part where he sings about getting buggered from all directions, doesn't smack of the real act.

Great picture, the Pig will be jealous.
Bill Phillips: The pig is sulking and muttering dark words Louis
The incredible light is really accentuated in B&W, Bill. Fabulous!
Bill Phillips: The weather gradually deteriorated as the day went on and after this became very overcast
What can I say, we've had a great laugh over your only too true video attachment, it must have been great fun being involved in making it. As for your picture, lovely outlook and great sky.
Bill Phillips: I enjoyed the video when I saw it on facebook so I thought I would share it
Wonderful vista and mono conversion Bill.
Bill Phillips: From the top of King Alfred's tower near Stourhead, The tower is about 160ft tall so you get a good view!
What a fabulous sky Bill! Well done.
Bill Phillips: Thank you very much Richard. I'm pleased you like it
Big view, Bill.
Nice landscape and admirable sentiments.

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