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Stop Press!!!

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  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 11 Mar 2013, 01:52
De-redacted news articles...the best kind!
Bill Phillips: True. We now are going to have trials in private to protect us. All in the national interest of course to combat terrorism
Touche! smile
Bill Phillips: We don't really hate each other.....mind you that might change when he sees this gringringrin
  • vintage
  • Australia
  • 11 Mar 2013, 06:33
So you have a new job" Court reporter"
Bill Phillips: I am very versatile vintage
  • Aussie
  • Australia
  • 11 Mar 2013, 07:10
Ha Ha ha except I would be most upset if my camera went missing. Except if it was well insured and I could get a new one.
Bill Phillips: I think most of us would be upset if we lost our cameras Aussie. I'm not sure I would ever trust the insurance companies to pay out!
  • Ginnie
  • Netherlands
  • 11 Mar 2013, 07:21
HAHAHA, indeed. We really do need to get that Shaw fella whipped into shape! grin
Bill Phillips: Some hope Ginnie
  • Chris
  • England
  • 11 Mar 2013, 07:49
I suppose Mr Shaw's only compensation is that someone somewhere out there is thinking of him - even if it turns out to be the Twiddlemeister of Rain City...
Bill Phillips: Snowed last night for a change. It was very cold yesterday when we went on the old SVR. The windows were steamed up and despite wiping them continuously with a roll of paper towels you couldn't see a lot. Still the lunch was excellent and so was the company
  • Richard T
  • Back in Leicester
  • 11 Mar 2013, 08:06
I think this report on Shaw describes him on one of his better days ... and they are very rare indeed.
Bill Phillips: Rarer than Hen's teeth Richard
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 11 Mar 2013, 08:09
'Shaw, who represented himself, said he was sorry for wasting police time'.
Since when is Mr. Shaw sorry about anything.....
This gave a me a laugh tongue
Bill Phillips: That bit didn't ring true I must admit Lady P grin
  • Chad
  • Where latitude and attitude meet
  • 11 Mar 2013, 08:45
Ha ha that is very good Bill, you must have it in for the bloke. Can you access his blog from yours? I can't.
Bill Phillips: it tends to come up as 404 not found. So I have to go back to the all blogs screen. dunno why, perhaps it is a comment on him
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 11 Mar 2013, 08:59
Shocking - you still have a nightclub called Tramps!!! How very 70s!

Never mind Bill - it will brighten up soon and you can go outside and take some photos.
Bill Phillips: It is a nice building. Well the outside is, I have never been inside. It is about the only nightclub in Worcester.
Thanks, Bill,good job I'm not seeing him this week! You may have opened a can of worms,especially now he's stopped smoking! smile
Bill Phillips: If I can stop smoking than he can. In fact what better incentive. He will hate the idea of me being one up on him grin
It it safe to have such a man on one's buddies list .
Bill Phillips: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer as a Chinese General once said
Agreed Bill. The video came with an advertisement of "Cute Girls from Rusia" and kind of got lost in translation...grin
Bill Phillips: I get an advert about enrolling for clinical trialsgrin
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 11 Mar 2013, 09:32
The Shaw shank redemption?
Bill Phillips: Brilliant!! Best comment for ages
How could you do this to me Bill, what with Frank putting me in rehab as well to stop me smoking and then flies off to Tibet back packing.Some friends I have.You had better go into hiding when I get out of rehab.
Bill Phillips: Now listen. If I can stop smoking so can you, and trust me you will never hear the end of it if you chicken out of it. If you succeed I will delight in buying you a pint!
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 11 Mar 2013, 10:39
Sorry, I know only one SHAW, GBS!
"Newly restored photographs by legendary author and playwright George Bernard Shaw – including nude self-portraits – will go on show at Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire from today.
Bill Phillips: This is the legend that is Mick Shawe or Murphys on shutterchance. GBS was a funny old bloke!
You are incorrigible but funny.
Bill Phillips: Thank you Mary. I try to be both
Oh, oh, Bill, looks as if you've gotten Mr. Shaw's dander up. Haha, perhaps you should consider leaving town when his release date draws near.
Bill Phillips: He is all wind and water Beverly.
Hahaha, good fun Bill!
Bill Phillips: Well it was for me Martin grin
I'd like to be a fly on the wall when next you and Mr.Shaw meet up.
Bill Phillips: It will be very entertaining.
  • Alan
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 11 Mar 2013, 16:56
Hahaha!! Very good! You can hardly see the joins. wink Do you do ransom notes, too?
Bill Phillips: PaY ME £4oo0 oR ELSE I wILl SenD ThE PRiNts tO ThE SuN
... lol ...
Bill Phillips: Thank you.
  • John Prior
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 11 Mar 2013, 17:26
It's all happening in Worcester then smile
Bill Phillips: Pulsating place John
He,he Bill, a fuuny report Bill!
Bill Phillips: A bit of fun at Mick's expense
Good laugh. Worth the effort.
Bill Phillips: It was fun doing it
Mmmm - got something against the man?
Bill Phillips: No, contrary to popular opinion we do not detest each other. Actually Mick is a great bloke

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