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photoblog image Alley


This is the alley that runs next ro my humble abode seen in the background. There are a number of regional variations on the word alley. For example Snicket, Ginnell aand Twitten. I would be interested to hear of more


The word alley is derived possibly from the French word Aller to walk.


This is the alley that runs next ro my humble abode seen in the background. There are a number of regional variations on the word alley. For example Snicket, Ginnell aand Twitten. I would be interested to hear of more


The word alley is derived possibly from the French word Aller to walk.

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  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 4 Feb 2013, 00:32
Yer got:

#1 Lane

#2 Soi {Thai}

#3 Path

#4 Track

#5 Trail

Bill Phillips: I assume 6 is a blind alley Ray
a very nice shot. like the perspective on the fences
Bill Phillips: Thank you Ayush smile
I like the image! I got nuthin' on the Alley options.
Bill Phillips: I suppose there is so much room in Arizona you don't have alleys Elizabeth grin
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 4 Feb 2013, 04:56
#6 achter-om (Dutch)
#7 brand-gang (Dutch)
This could be somewhere in the Netherlands too..
I guess the snow is all gone?
Bill Phillips: It is but they are forecasting snow for tomorrow LAdy P !!
I like the view down your Laneway Bill... nicely composed with the silhouette of the trees....petersmile
Bill Phillips: Laneway...I will add that to the list Peter smile
  • Ginnie
  • Netherlands
  • 4 Feb 2013, 07:05
Alley sounds good enough for me, Bill. That's what I would call it! We had these behind our row of houses in California.
Bill Phillips: There are quite a few regional variations in the UK. The narrowest one I know of is Parliament street in Exeter which about 2 ft wide!
  • Chad Doveton
  • Where latitude and longitude meet
  • 4 Feb 2013, 07:07
I like this very much Bill especially the contrasting sky with its horizontal streaks. You house seems to be posing for you, hoping that you capture it at its best. Grove, street, avenue, broad walk, pavement, side street, way, ditch, drain, crevice, gap, esplanade, preamble, stroll, walk, run, tread, step, foot, leg...
Bill Phillips: I don't think an esplanade is an alley Chad
  • Chris
  • England
  • 4 Feb 2013, 07:29
I have heard "snickel" too - a very interesting subject!
Bill Phillips: I'm sure there are many more Chris
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 4 Feb 2013, 08:09
I thought an alley/Allee should be a broad/wide/ large/noble/elegant street lined up with tall trees on both sides -or is this a Chaussee? Droitwich alleys seem to be lined up by fences and - behind them- sausages! A fine looking abode for you and your family! The sky is wonderful!
I have to study my dictionary to understand the three crazy words I never heard before in my long life!
This is rather a Pättken (from path in German) or a by-way?
Bill Phillips: Alleys are narrow passages between buildings Philine. There are a number of regional words for them.
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 4 Feb 2013, 08:31
Great. Some strong contrasting going on here.
Bill Phillips: Thank you young sir
Jitty in Leicester
Bill Phillips: Thank you Richard
Seems to be a bit of HDR at play here Bill? Lovely light!
Bill Phillips: Just a little Fredsmile
I like it Bill. Alleys should be considered necessary for integration pedestrians and cars in any city. The wiki is full of similar/alternative terms...
Bill Phillips: There are quite a few weaving there way through Droitwich Juan Carlos
You certainly have a fine looking alley backing your humble abode, Brian.

Montreal is home to many alleyways; some you would be hesitant to explore but the majority are goldmines for the photographer.
Bill Phillips: Some Alleyways are best avoided....especially at night!
I've got to get up early to beat Richard it haven't I, Jitty round my way also. Back where I come from, Hertfordshire, it is of course alleyway.
Bill Phillips: Clever clogs schoolteacher Brian....they are all the same grin
  • Lisl
  • England
  • 4 Feb 2013, 13:24
We call them "Drungs" down here, Bill
Bill Phillips: I don't know what we called them when i lived in Exeter
  • Alan
  • United Kingdom
  • 4 Feb 2013, 14:06
This has a delightful painting feel to it. The tree looks good against the sky. Local names for me include "Muggers' Paradise" and "Dogs' Crapp*ry" smile
Bill Phillips: Thanks Alan. I thought you would have some good names grin
Great looking shot particularly the sky and skeletal tree, Bill! I think there are more northern terms for alley.
There is an alley in Ealing called Barnes Pikel; I wondered what a 'pikel was? In this instance it turns out to be the old English name for a field owned by the Barnes family. The lane was a border to the field.
Bill Phillips: I am sure there are plenty of local names for back alleys and not just in the North.
The touch of HDR works well with this one Bill
Bill Phillips: It needed some help as the light was very flat and dull
I love the sky and the tree, so very wintry.
Bill Phillips: It was well on the way to thawing by this time Pauline.
Even on a bad day Blackpool doesn't look as bad as this.
Bill Phillips: It does in your pictures
  • Anne
  • United Kingdom
  • 4 Feb 2013, 17:39
In Scotland - wynd
Bill Phillips: Thank you Anne
Surely you mean "umble habode", Bill smile
Bill Phillips: Hahahaha Thank you and goodnight
"Allée" in french Bill! Wonderful perspective shot.
Bill Phillips: It took me two goes to pass my GCE O level French Richard sad
  • Frances
  • United States
  • 4 Feb 2013, 21:24
Great Shot! I often wondered what a ginnel was because my husband who is from Salford, England uses the word often. Across the pond we use the word "alley" smile
We only ever had boring old alleys in my part of the world. In the village here, SW Cambs, there's a narrow, linking 'street', more like an alley, called The Cranny. This, I read, comes from Old French for fissure or narrow defile. Interestingly, the village name, Offord Cluny, is derived from it's association with the French Cluniac moastic order. (There's probably no connection at all!)
Really love the colours of the sky!

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