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photoblog image The Blue Room

The Blue Room


My friend Mike Johns asked me to do a lyric for a song about the proposed housing development on Yew Tree Hill in Droitwich. A dumb bit of planning which will cause all sorts of problems. So this is what we came up with!

The Blue Room


My friend Mike Johns asked me to do a lyric for a song about the proposed housing development on Yew Tree Hill in Droitwich. A dumb bit of planning which will cause all sorts of problems. So this is what we came up with!

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How strange... the only blue in the tea room is from the diffused light through the window Bill....petersmile

I liked the video with the great photos and the song tells is a fine story... well done to you and Mike!!!
Bill Phillips: There is a bit of blue on the menus
  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 23 Oct 2012, 01:33
Looks like "Violet Room" might have been more appropriate, Bill.

My guess is its the room all the local hairdressers store their scissors and combs in each night to sterilise them.
Bill Phillips: That is a highly original and ludicrous theory Ray grin
Hmmmm. Indeed why.

Great song - I should hire you guys whenever some ridiculous development is planned over here... Well done!
Bill Phillips: Protest songs by appointment Elizabeth.
  • Sally
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 23 Oct 2012, 06:31
The Blue Room is wonderful!

Great song & I'm sure it will help stop a blot on the landscape ~1500 Houses!!!
Bill Phillips: There are three developments which will cause a lot of problems. Droitwich has grown over the years we have lived here and I don't object to it in principle it is just that these schemes are ludicrous.
  • Chris
  • England
  • 23 Oct 2012, 07:05
Err...there is a part of that menu that is blue. Or perhaps they show rude movies here when the punters are gone. Or maybe the owner is depressive - gawd knows!!
Bill Phillips: Yes the menu was the only blue I could find. Still the teacakes were nice
  • Lisl
  • England
  • 23 Oct 2012, 07:22
Well done, Bill - I take it this is part of a campaign?
Bill Phillips: It is indeed Lisl. We could end up with traffic lights at the end of our road!
Perhaps the 'blu' room is a euphemism for something completely different from afternoon tea.

You might have used the music from Fats Domino's Blueberry Hill. A favourite of mine.
Bill Phillips: A favourite of mine too. Mike seems to have nicked the tune of there's a tavern in the town!
  • Chad Doveton
  • Where latitude and longitude meet.
  • 23 Oct 2012, 08:51
This does not seem blue at all Bill, in fact I think it quite chirpy.

Have you been talking to Charlie again? You never know, one day I might just agree with you.
Bill Phillips: As in Mr monstrous carbuncle? Next time you are here I'll take you and show you what the idiots are up too.
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 23 Oct 2012, 08:52
Something to do with one's mood when greeted by all that clutter on the table in the morning.

Talking of clutter - I hope the campaign works!!!
Bill Phillips: so do I! It is a daft idea that is going to cause all sorts of traffic problems at the very least.
The place where the blue rinse brigade used to congregate.
Bill Phillips: Haha you could be right Martin
  • Chad Doveton
  • Where latitude and longitude meet.
  • 23 Oct 2012, 10:01
You are Droitwurst's answer to Bob Dylan Bill.
Bill Phillips: I wish I had his money Chad grin
Perhaps you get the blues when you go in the blue room....or it is really, really cold and your lips turn blue after twenty minutes.....or it was once painted or wallpapered blue.

Hope the song hits it big!
Bill Phillips: 116 views and 5 likes so far...not exactly going viral but not bad grin
Congratulations on the song you two. I like the old folksy mode and love the harmonica.
There must be some blue we are missing Bill
Bill Phillips: He plays a decent harmonica Janet. The only blue I could see was on the menus!
  • paul
  • United Kingdom
  • 23 Oct 2012, 11:42
is there no end to your talents?
Bill Phillips: They are infinite Paul....i'm no good at anything grin
  • carreksmum
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 23 Oct 2012, 11:44
Somebody is colour blind. Can you get beige/blue colour blindness?

Love the song - hope you win
against the development.
Bill Phillips: Apparently you can in Ely grin Thanks, pleased you like the song!
I guess they couldn't rename it the 'beige room' time they'll revert to a blue colour scheme and it will fit - what a wonderful idea! grin
Bill Phillips: It is decidedly odd but at least the tea and toasted teacake were good smile
  • Anne
  • United Kingdom
  • 23 Oct 2012, 17:02
Maybe the sign was put up and then at that point, they realised they had run out of blue paint.

Good luck with the protest song smile
Bill Phillips: Perhaps they have a warped sense of humour. Thanks for the good wishes re the song
  • John Prior
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 23 Oct 2012, 17:04
Woody Guthrie lives, this machine kills Planners. Some nice landscape shots.
Bill Phillips: I suspect the scheme will go ahead despite the fact that practically everybody in Droitwich, including the town council (who have no real power) are against it.
Watching the traffic lights change will be a good past time for you Bill.
Bill Phillips: I couldn't take the excitement Mick
  • Alan
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 23 Oct 2012, 18:04
Someone's idea of a joke? I can see blue on the menu. Perhaps they have a blue cheese to go with afternoon tea?
Bill Phillips: Perhaps Who knows? Still it seemed mildly amusing
It may not be blue but it does look a pleasant room in which to enjoy tea.
Bill Phillips: It was Brian.
Wonderful image!
You are a man of many talents Bill.
Bill Phillips: Not much good at any of them Richard.....when i see your plane my feeble efforts pale into insignificance!
My thoughts exactly! It's hardly blue.
Bill Phillips: Apart from the menu i can't see any
Why not?

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