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photoblog image The Umbrella Orchestra of Bath Spa

The Umbrella Orchestra of Bath Spa

Bath's answer to the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

The Umbrella Orchestra of Bath Spa

Bath's answer to the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

comments (34)

  • Ray
  • Thailand
  • 14 Feb 2012, 01:04
They seem to be in harmony, Bill.
Bill Phillips: doubtful Ray
  • blackdog
  • United Kingdom
  • 14 Feb 2012, 01:22
I will never be able to go in the Georgian garden again without thinking of this!
Bill Phillips: Sorry Mike. This was the day we went with you and Philine
A man of many facets, including levitation...
Bill Phillips: A multi-talented genius Larry. sadly none of his talents are of any use whatsoever.
You had a fun day of twiddling Bill... it sounds like banjo music from heregrin....petersmile
Bill Phillips: Sounds like nothing on earth from here Peter
Oh dear - at least perhaps they blend well!!
Bill Phillips: The only way they would blend well would be in a very big blender Elizabeth
  • lisl
  • England
  • 14 Feb 2012, 05:54
Thsi is going to be my best chuckle of the day, Bill
Bill Phillips: I hope so Elisabeth
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 14 Feb 2012, 07:23
Haha- a wonderful imaginatively visualized idea! I like the Tifflets and all are smiling so friendly - another good day! - and umbrellas in Union Jack colours are no weapons! And which instrument are playing you?
Bill Phillips: I was the conductor. no doubt you remember the Georgian Garden
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 14 Feb 2012, 08:46
Bill Phillips: The video is great but the music sounds a bit odd...not at all like the version of the water music I have, or is it just me this morning?
  • Chris
  • England
  • 14 Feb 2012, 09:06
Oh noooooo...I have woken up to THIS!!
Bill Phillips: I had to wake up to the leaning buildings and tents of Bristol so stop your wingeing
  • Chad Doveton
  • Where latitude and longitude meet.
  • 14 Feb 2012, 09:07
Hooray the Tifflets are back. We are in for days of fun as we learn of their latest escapades.
Bill Phillips: A brief visit but there is another one in a couple of days time.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 14 Feb 2012, 09:27
I photographed even this old bench in the Georgian garden in Bath, when we met each other (in 2010)! But sadly, then we couldn't listen to such sweet garden music!
Bill Phillips: A lucky escape I would think Philine.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 14 Feb 2012, 09:37
Yes, you are right -a bit Smetana, The Moldau (Karajan!)?
Bill Phillips: I know very little of Smetana's music but this one is universally known!
The whole tone changes when the umbrellas open to the steady beat of the rain.
Welcome back to the Tifflet Twins.
Bill Phillips: I can only feature them occasionally as Tiffo keeps threatening me with legal action over his image rights
  • Martin
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 14 Feb 2012, 09:50
LOL - very good Bill grin
Bill Phillips: Tiff has been getting off too lightly lately
I'd love to hear the Tifflet music!
Bill Phillips: Trust me Mary you wouldn't
  • Pedroeric
  • United Kingdom
  • 14 Feb 2012, 10:46
Like it Bill well done.
Bill Phillips: I need to get out moregrin
A good laugh Bill.
Bill Phillips: Glad to oblige Mick
  • Alan
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 14 Feb 2012, 13:18
Hahahah!!! I can just imagine these decorating the gardens of the worthy citizens of Bath.
Bill Phillips: What have you got against the people of Bath Alan that you would wish that on them?
Nice to know you are still daft as a brush, Bill. This has brightened up my day! (:o)
Bill Phillips: Sadly only got older but no more sensible Ros
ah the humanity, the bench Orchestra!!!
Bill Phillips: Brings a tear to the eye Rob
This guy needs swatting ... he's breeding like flies
Bill Phillips: I can only concur Richard
  • Linda
  • United Kingdom
  • 14 Feb 2012, 15:33
Haha.. If it rains they are going to get very wet if they are playing the umbrella smile
Bill Phillips: That is their hard luck Linda
Tiffing the multitude... this is a miracle Bill!
Bill Phillips: More a nightmare Richard
I didn't know that cloning had really taken on so well in Bath, Bill. Highly amusing!
Bill Phillips: They have little else to do Neil
Brilliant, brilliant, and even more brilliant, best laugh we've had to day Bill. We went to the the Ukulele Orchestra in Leicester a while back and it really was a most entertaining evening.
Bill Phillips: It is like a plague Brian
A collectors must have, is this a limited edition?
Bill Phillips: You have no idea just how limited John
  • Louis
  • South Africa
  • 14 Feb 2012, 17:56
A whole platoon of him. Nerve wracking stuff!
Bill Phillips: Makes the blood run cold Louis
Hahahha... In the thumbnail I thought he was carrying a gun. This is really funny!
Bill Phillips: I wouldn't let tiff loose with a gun...He is dangerous enough with an umbrella
  • Chris
  • England
  • 14 Feb 2012, 21:27

I hate you!!
Bill Phillips: But look at all the are the prime attraction on Shutterchance
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 14 Feb 2012, 21:35
No.... he does not........
Thanks for the laugh!!
Bill Phillips: Haha I hope he doesn't gringrin
made my day watching this one
Bill Phillips: I'm very pleased it did Ayush
I hope that little Tiff was able to scramble out of the way when big Tiff jumped off the bench.

Hovering Tiff needs to come down to earth and join the group.

Call me cowardly, Bill, but I would definitely avoid walking through this area of the garden.
Bill Phillips: I think you are showing good judgement Beverly
An Umbrella Company? Clever, and a bit weird!
Bill Phillips: I like weird grin
  • Fred Adams
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 15 Feb 2012, 22:28
Haven't read through the 33 comments Bill, but in case it's not already been said, 1 Chris is quite enough & I'm sure he'd agree! smile
Bill Phillips: It's more than enough Fred

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