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photoblog image Contemplation


Some days I sits and thinks
Some days I just sits


Some days I sits and thinks
Some days I just sits

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Is this fortunate person contemplating the delights of Droitwich Bill?
Bill Phillips: That's Dudley I think. It's from the Duttie Hills
Oh hello Bill - I appear to be the second person to comment today on your blog of fotos
Bill Phillips: As well as the first..on nights I'm thinking!
  • Ada
  • United States
  • 5 Aug 2008, 01:41
Oh my God!!!! Were is the baby?
Bill Phillips: Burp! LOL!
  • Ginnie
  • Atlanta, GA, United States
  • 5 Aug 2008, 01:43
LOL at Ada. I was thinking g'ma was probably quite happy to have a sleeping baby, perhaps, on her hands, giving her time to just sit...and maybe even to contemplate. This is the kind of image for many a story, Bill. smile
Bill Phillips: Babies are at their best when asleep Ginnietongue
  • ray
  • Thailand
  • 5 Aug 2008, 01:47
Delightful picture, Bill.
Bill Phillips: Thank you kindly Ray
  • Astrid
  • Netherlands
  • 5 Aug 2008, 06:20
This is such a delight, that baby bottle...priceless...the whole story, LOL @ Ada...thanks for sharing this view with us.
BTW I love the colour of her blouse though.
Bill Phillips: My pleasure Astrid.
Looks like a wonderful place for such contemplation.
Bill Phillips: It is Mary. I shall be sorry when my contract working here ends
  • anniedog
  • United Kingdom
  • 5 Aug 2008, 07:59
Grandma has obviously been left in charge and is enjoying this chance of a nice sit down! Great capture of a peaceful moment.
Bill Phillips: Thanks Ingrid. Won't be many peaceful moments today. It's pouring down!
What a view, nice one.
Bill Phillips: Thank you Sesan.
  • Philine
  • Germany
  • 5 Aug 2008, 10:10
Yes, Bill, you are right- I like this pic and I love this behaviour. It reminds me of a known Zen-Buddhism-story and recommendation (unfortunately only in German), but the essentials are said yet by yourself:
"Ein Schüler fragte einmal seinen Meister, warum dieser immer so ruhig und gelassen sein könne. Der Meister antwortete: "Wenn ich sitze, dann sitze ich. Wenn ich stehe, dann stehe ich. Wenn ich gehe, dann gehe ich. Wenn ich esse, dann esse ich ..."

Der Schüler fiel dem Meister in´s Wort und sagte: "Aber das tue ich auch! Was machst Du darüber hinaus?"

Der Meister blieb ganz ruhig und wiederholte wie zuvor: "Wenn ich sitze, dann sitze ich. Wenn ich stehe, dann stehe ich. Wenn ich gehe, dann gehe ich ..."

Wieder sagte der Schüler: "Aber das tue ich doch auch!"

"Nein", sagte da der Meister. "Wenn Du sitzt, dann stehst Du schon. Wenn Du stehst, dann gehst Du schon. Wenn Du gehst, dann bist Du schon am Ziel.""
Bill Phillips: I put your quote on google translate, I get the general idea, even though the translation was probably a bit literal. The quote I used is a favourite of a very good friend of mine who is a great people watcher.
A stange optical effect here, Bill. Looking at the seat, it appears as if it should be 'our' side of the fence, yet she is sitting the other side of the fence. I keep looking but cannot come to terms with this trompe l'oeil.
Bill Phillips: It is no illusion Chad. She was sitting this side and the rail has just sliced clean through her. My next shot is of the top half of her body toppling to the ground. I don't think that it would be suitable for this site though.
  • vintage
  • Australia
  • 5 Aug 2008, 10:42
Baby sitting.I like the way fence rail and tree frame the picture
Bill Phillips: Thanks vintage. I have yet to experience the joys of being a grandfather...maybe one day so babies are only a memory.
  • Chantal
  • Netherlands
  • 5 Aug 2008, 11:12
always nice to capture someone from behind
  • Tracy
  • Stoke
  • 5 Aug 2008, 13:04
LOL at previous comments Bill, she's taking a rest after walking up the steep hill. Oh and don't be taken in by the baby cup and bag that's her lunch with a drop of the hard stuff in the cupsmile
Nice picture Bill, I never imagined that Dudley could be so attractive in parts.
Bill Phillips: Distance lends enchantment Brian.
This photograph is a delight because it reminds us all of similar moments in our own lives. (:o)
Bill Phillips: The buggies are a bit more sophisticated nowsmile
I have been about a bit (gedditt!!!) - but I have never heard of the Duttie Hills. You seem to excel in these rather odd places. Either that or you have been revelling in the use of illegal substances...

The jury is out...
Bill Phillips: I would like to claim that the d is next to the b on the keyboard (don't look!!)However, it is well known that I always tell the truth so it has to be the substances.
  • Nestling in Mother natures ample bosom
  • 5 Aug 2008, 15:26
Yep, I would sit here and admire the view as I chill as well, Bill.

I'd probably also give the baby knock out drops in it's drink so that I could chill out for a bit longer.... smile
Bill Phillips: Well Uncle Floog, I'm not sure that is very politically correct these days
A delightful and contemplative portrait, and love the bg view too.
Bill Phillips: Thank you Alexandra, thanks for coming by.
Granny has walked all that way to get the fretful child to sleep. Now she's afraid to move in case just releasing the brake wakes the child again. Oh the joys of being a Granny! But the joys of being able to just sit and admire that view! Lovely photo Bill.
Bill Phillips: Thank you very much Sheila.
  • Alan
  • Southampton, on the sunny south coast of England
  • 5 Aug 2008, 21:21
LOL.. your words sum this up perfectly! Looks like you've got a drink waiting, Bill!
Bill Phillips: Very good! I wonder if there's a drop of whisky in it!

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